Pia Rotman, SPCP Member & Everlasting Brows Advanced Trainer. 

Permanent Makeup and Microblading specialist since 2006.

Pia Rotman Ink specializes in the art of personalized microblading and permanent makeup to create an ultra-realistic, perfect look for your eyebrows, lips, and more.




Incredibly detail-oriented and specialized treatment creating an extremely natural and full look for your eyebrows. Fully customized to your wants and needs. Save daily beauty-prep time and look amazing every day!

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Want beautiful, full lips...without having to deal with liner, lipstick, and smudging? This is the perfect solution. Create a stunning, natural, and beautiful look for your lips .

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Enhance the beauty of your eyes with lash and/or liner services! The ultimate in convenience and beauty. Make your beautiful eyes stand out and cause an attraction!

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