3D Hair-stroke Eyebrows/Microblading

Hair-stroke eyebrows, otherwise known as the hair simulation technique, is a technique Pia uses to create the most natural brows possible. The hair-stroke technique mimics the look of your own eyebrow hair, creating a feathering effect. This technique is very natural looking.

$485 includes initial treatment and touch-up


Powder Fill

For a fuller more solid brow with a soft texture. This technique mimics the look of a brow powder or pencil. 

$450 includes initial and touch-up.





Lash line/Lash-enhancement

Naturally and subtly enhance your lash line. You get the appearance of fuller darker lashes without the full eyeliner look.

$325 includes initial treatment and touch-up.


Eyeliner upper/lower

Enhance and define your eyes with a full eyeliner treatment. This, like all services, is specifically customized to your preferences.

$375 includes initial treatment and touch-up.





Full lips 


The goal of this service is to give you defined and symmetrical lips or to simply give you a natural and beautiful lip color.

$525 includes initial treatment and two touch-ups.



Additional touch-ups (for existing clients)


$100 (valid within one year of initial service)

If you have any questions on the services offered to you, please contact me! I am happy to answer your questions via phone or email.